Long Cadaqués was a simple fishing village almost isolated from the world by mountains and forests of trees. Fishing and olives were the main production for centuries in this "Island".

Cadaqués – city of Salvador Dali

Thanks to the work of the great artist Salvador Dalí, Cadaqués was better known, not to mention the wonderful panorama of magnificent wilderness and unique atmosphere threw climax inspiration from all kinds of artists.

This package of scenery and ambiance, beauty and inevitability of violence of the Tramuntana, makes from Cadaqués the "Pearl" of the Costa Brava, and remember the magical place where I was born: Lebanon.

Famous guests of Cadaqués and El Barroco

Without neglect and forget the impact of "Salvador Dalí" on this "Island" are also passed several artists who found their inspiration in this white and blue and green paradise, as Marcel Duchamp and René Magritte Pablo Picasso and André Derain and poets such as Paul Eluard and García Lorca. And many more ......

Thanks to the influence of Dalí, the "Cadaquesences" have maintained high standards for buildings, "buildings cannot exceed three storeys.

Between the 60s and 70s many artists have visited the painter, but he has never invited to his home, "Elbarroco" has always been his "Palais Gourmet".
The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I has honored us twice dined in el Barooco in 1978 and 1979.

El Barroco in Cadaqués – Dali’s restaurant

El Barroco "and" Cadaques ", two magical planets have been particularly related to the painter.

Our hospitality, friendliness and atmosphere with each artist have created and try to keep accompanied by an excellent variety of Lebanese mezes, grilled fragrant spices of the East.

In 1979, the great "Maestro" has created the logo "EL BARROCO"

Once the "master" sent us a group of Chinese designer from San Francisco to make clothes for the opening night of the DALI Museum in Figueres.
Dali reserved the "Patio" when waned to dine in el Barroco, always with his "Buick", wearing his black catalan sneakers with white spots, inviting hippies, gypsies and other people at its table to shock and provoke his distinguished guests, singing and dancing on the tables even while taking pictures from the event.

After eating the grapes the Empordan, Dali was the first to leave the restaurant, to return a few days later.

Dali’s favorite foods

- Steamed mussels taken near Cap de Creus Cap
- Shoulder of lamb is Catalan.
- Grilled lobster with garlic.
- Grapes and Wine Muscat de l'Empordà.
- The famous mineral water "Vichy Catalan."

While simple Gala Menu was:
- Poached Eggs.
- Sardines in oil.

Lebanese cuisine in Cadaqués

As soon as you walk through the door that leads to patio, flower-filled courtyard, time stops and the magic begins. Already undertake a long journey to Oriental and romantic rhythms where the black and white keys of the "Lebanese of Cadaques" piano leads eastward distance. You are in 5000 BC. J. C.
If Lebanon's history is as complex as rich, imagine its culinary tradition. in each of the dishes we offer a delicious and mixes magical oriental fragrance mysterious and subtle spices and flavors.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in our restaurant. Quality, hospitality and passion, rich and varied cuisine has always been the motto and the success of "ELBARROCO"

Always keeping in mind the words of the great French writer Honoré de Balzac who said during one of his trips to Lebanon:
"Lebanese cuisine - delight not only for the stomach, but also for the eyes."

Please do not forget that the Lebanese “Mézés was the favorite food of General de Gaulle.
Dear friends, good appetite. "Sahtein"

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